The Story of St Patrick's Day 2002

As on all St Pat's days, and the vast majority of weekends and more than the odd weekday... the boys were having a bit of a drink. Nothing big was happening, so we were all prepping to head off to the nearby and popular establishment; The Geebung Polo Club. A lovely, quaint little place, perfect for a bit of a dabble on a Sunday afternoon. However, on a day like St Pat's, we all got a little too warm and cosy and nobody could be shagged making the effort. So, after many a beer, and a few other beverages, the cards were out, the drinking games began and the music was playing. Cafe Del Mar 7 - a now inspirational album.

As Music was the topic of discussion, it appeared we were all experts... everyone giving it the old, "Classic track, this" and "Oh, man this track rocks" and a favourite, "F*ck this's a great song". During this time, one of the inebriants across the table mentioned that dJP happened to do "his own stuff". theDan, being somewhat interested, inquired of him, "really?" to which dJP replied, "yes". Truely fascinating stuff.

It was then that dJP decided to begin playing one of his incomplete albums, ixia - serve chilled. The title track to this album was the creme de la creme. theDan, instantly hooked, hit repeat and listened to serve chilled a few more times. This was, in essence, the beginning of the entity now known as Undertone. The two stood in front of the cd player for hours, rewinding and replaying the song. theDan trying to figure out how to sing to it, dJP explaining how he knew it needed vocals - but couldn't put them to it. And so became the First project.

theDan; "I sat up 'til like... 4am with that song, serve chilled playing on repeat, me at the old PC just clickin' away. The first song lyrics I'd ever written, I just wanted to make it sound good from the word go. It was already such an awesome song, I didn't want to fuck it up. After about 10 beers, a few slices of toast, and roughly 6 hours working on it, I finally got the first verse down."

dJP; "Dan came in right... laid down this tune yeh..? And I said, 'that's a number one record'. ;)

At a local pub, theDan told dJP about what he'd done, and sang a little of his idea(s). Not long after, in a "classy studio" (dJP's bedroom) in Hawthorn, on one of the sh*ttiest microphones with so much white noise it WAS funny, the very first recording of serve chilled was completed. Since then, this song has been more or less the backbone of what is now "the Undetone flava". It pushed Undertone (iXia at the time) on to build more tracks in a style of song that many have said needed to be made. The sound can be inspiring to the most random, and to the most acute music lovers.
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