Problems playing our Music!!

Some people from time to time have problems playing tracks that we have on the undertone website for you to listen to. We have an in-built music player down the bottom of the screen for your listening pleasure, however it is dependant on a few capabilities of your browser.

Minimum System Requirements

Firstly, your browser must support frames. The Undertone website is divided horizontally into two sections, the content and the player frame. The player frame sits at the bottom of your web browser. If you can't see the frame - click here to attempt to re-enable it.

Adobe Flash 9
Secondly, you must have Adobe Flash version 9 or later installed. You can download the latest version of flash from

And finally, there is a small amount of javascript that communicates between the web page that you are viewing and the player to tell it to play or en-queue a specific MP3. Javascript must be enabled on your PC for this to work.

How to use the Player

Ok, so you have frames, you can see the player in the bottom of your browser but you can't figure out how to play a track? The tracks are listed in the various music sections of the Undertone Website. For example, the Discography page.
Beside each track is a set of buttons. Each button performs a different function.

Pressing play will play the selected track in the Undertone Player. This will also clear any other songs in your current play list.

Pressing en-queue will add the selected track to the current play list in the Undertone Player. This track will play as soon as the current track you are listening to has finished playing, or if you skip ahead manually.

Pressing Download will download a high quality (usually 320kbps) mp3 to your computer. This is the best option when you are on a computer that does not allow the use of flash, frames or java. Not all tracks are available for download. They may be too sensitive for public release or we're just not ready to give out soft copies of them yet!

Last but not Least

If after all that you're still having problems, you're most likely on a PC that has got a higher level of security or user policies (such as a work or company PC) and you probably won't get it working at all :(
You may need to check out our website on your home PC or a friends PC if you are in this situation.

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