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Angus and Julia StoneSubmitted by dJP on Oct 18th, 2007 09:29

Last night theDan and I took our significant others down to the Corner Hotel in Richmond to see what is one of my favorite outfits at the moment, Angus and Julia Stone. They're an Australian Brother and Sister duo who now hail from the UK, and they're down under at the moment promoting their new album; A Book Like This.

It was a far from disappointing gig. Playing most tracks from their new album, along with some older classics and even a few new tracks we haven't heard yet, the dulcet tones of these two comforting voices mesmerized us for the entire set.

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On the Cold again...Submitted by dJP on Oct 16th, 2007 08:45

Typically I'm sick again. I seem to be swirling around a 2 month cycle at the moment. Colds and Flues are attracted to me like flies on a piece of very seductive manure. ;) (Little Futurama quote there).

What really pisses me off is the credibility that you loose from taking a Monday off. Immediately you start being accused of "monday-itis" or being hung-over from a big one on sunday, like nobody has ever been truly sick on a Monday or a Friday before.

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Big Party tomorrow night!Submitted by dJP on Sep 28th, 2007 10:03

ooohhh... psyching up for a big one tomorrow night baby! Kirst, a mate of mine and I are having our birthday shindig tomorrow night at the Undertone Studio in Elwood. It looks like we'll be expecting a large turn out of mates who are obviously in deperate need of a good excuse to drink and be merry.

I'm looking forward to it to say the least!

Money out the WazooSubmitted by dJP on Sep 13th, 2007 12:42

Well it's been a while since I updated my blog but I actually have something to rant about now. Typically, I'm required to spend money on more hardware that is useful for nothing more than stressing me out on a daily basis.

A few weeks ago I lost two hard drives in swift succession, and I have another hard drive reporting an imminent failure. At the risk of loosing work I've decided that my luck can't be that bad and the failures must be caused by something else.

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Poker Glory!Submitted by dJP on Jul 14th, 2007 15:15


I'm climbing back up the ladder!!! I came out of last nights "Friday the 13th Poker" with just over 30 bucks left! That's almost a personal best! Now I can take my girlfriend out for a nice dinner. (So long as the price doesn't exceed 30 bucks heheh).

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Traffic Chaos!Submitted by dJP on Jul 12th, 2007 10:23

Last night it took me just under two hours to get from Port Melbourne to Elwood. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the stream of tail lights trailing off into St Kilda as I ground to a halt on the esplanade. Apparently the Palace Night Club was on fire. I'm not sure why anyone would want to burn it down since it was scheduled for demolition anyway!

Every single back street in St Kilda was packed with angry dickheads trying to get home. I had so many eclipse mints that I reckon my breath will stay fresh for the next two friggin' weeks.

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A mid-week WeekendSubmitted by dJP on Jun 27th, 2007 15:43

My Computer at work has exploded - and since I'm a software developer - that's a problem! So I've taken today and tomorrow off to catch up on some much needed studio time!

I'm working on the Trip Video for the Guy'n'Pete's SA Road Trip over Queens Birthday Weekend. It's hella fun to work on something when you have the footage (well, photos and crappy video) to back it up.

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Undertone GroupiesSubmitted by dJP on Jun 21st, 2007 20:55

It's taken be almost ALL day to do, but I've finally got the Undertone Groupies sections of the website up and running.

I'm hoping that this will lead to more user participation in the website for our closer friends and family. Comments on Articles, Blogs, Photos and Music as well as down the line voting and chatting.I also want to draw lots of stats from anonymous vs registered fan base clicks and downloads etc. Hopefully it will help us when we're producing!

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Our Final Night away from the WorldSubmitted by dJP on Jun 11th, 2007 20:30

It's our final night of the road trip and it's starting to occur to us that we have to go back to work very shortly!

We're in Port Fairy staying at the Comfort Inn and our room is actually quite good considering we were expecting a major letdown after last night's stay in Victor Harbor.

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A Night in Ocean Side LuxurySubmitted by dJP on Jun 10th, 2007 21:05

Our trek today took us through McLaren Vale on our way to Victor Harbor. After such an amazing time in Barossa we expected no less in McLaren Vale, however to our disappointment, we were not so lucky.

There was a local festival on over the weekend which annually turns the small, peaceful region into a bustling metropolis of misfits and pissheads. We expected a quaint little town and a spot of lunch after which we would go and taste some vino at the local cellar doors.

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