Groupiecons!Submitted by dJP on Jul 5th, 2007 10:07

The Undertone Groupiecons are here! Now if you're a registered Undertone Groupie you can create your own avatar that looks exactly how you would look if you were made out of marshmallow! (and lived in a monochromatic world!)

You can choose from a whole range of different hair, eyes, eyebrows, ears, mouths, bodies and backgrounds to create a unique and interesting little avatar that will follow you wherever you go on the Undertone website.

Every time you post a comment or rank a song, your current groupiecon will be there to let us know what you look like! heheh.

if you're already an Undertone Groupie: Click here to modify your groupiecon

If you're not, you need to register as an Undertone Groupie before you can create your own groupiecon. so click here to register as an Undertone groupie!

Being a groupie is awesome. You get to tell us whether we suck or not! And the more feedback we get from you guys, the more we know about what it is we're doing that you like. So speak up!

Remember, your privacy is paramount to us. We don't divulge any of your personal information like your email address or real names to anyone. We only use it to keep you up to date with Undertone News and Current Events!

dJP on Jul 5th, 2007 16:33

Hey Guys! I Love these Groupiecons! I look so awesome as a dood with an Aphro!

Keep up the good work yer?

- Pete

dJP on Jul 12th, 2007 15:43
Dooooooods. You all look AWESOME as groupies. so good to see all of you skinning up!
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