What is Jim's Poker?!

Ok, so... you're clicking around the Undertone website, and suddenly you stumble on this "Jim's Poker" thing and right now you're thinking, "What the hell IS this?!" right?

Well, when we were rooming in Bentleigh East for 18 months, we decided to start up a monthly poker night! The idea was to have a cheap night where we could all sit around drinking, smoking cigars and talking rubbish. Now if you've read up on the undertone biography, you'd know all about the whole "Jim's" thing, so we won't go into that! But a set of rules was agreed upon, laid down and even though dJP and theDan no longer live together, to this day we still play by those rules.

This page is purely for the guys who play at that table. Feel free to check out the rules, bios and stats if you are interested! Since we only decided to start keeping records two years after we started playing... some of the stats are highly inaccurate. But they give those who own them an inflated sense of self esteem, heheh!

Special Note for Jim

Jim, if you ever come across this page, we mean no disrespect! We love the Jim's Logo and Everything it stands for!

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